Take steps to reduce the costs of your workers compensation insurance

When your company has workers compensation claims, the indirect cost associated with each claim to the company is between 1.1 to 4.5 times the direct costs of the claim. Many organizations feel powerless to reduce their workers comp costs. One thing you can do now is provide employee training.

Employee training.

Many workers comp injuries come from employee’s not following proper procedures. Either they do not know the proper process or they try to take shortcuts. Regardless, it is the employer’s responsibility to train each employee how to perform their job safely. This training should include what can happen if safeguards are not performed as outlined in the training and what the consequences are if the employee avoids using the safeguards. For example, what are the possible consequences of not using protective gloves when providing personal care. Your worker’s compensation carrier may provide you with rate reductions for adding training programs.

Even if your state regulations do not require your aides to have annual In-Service training the cost benefit of utilizing the STARR Portal’s services are so significant there is no reason not to add a training program.


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