Online In-Service Training

Home Healthcare accrediting organizations and government payer sources require employers of Home Health Aides (HHA) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) to provide In-Service training annually to their employees. On-line delivery of In-Service training has become the standard since it allows:

  • the employee to receive training when it is convent for them
  • employee maintain social distancing.
  • nursing costs drop to zero.

The STARR Portal was custom designed to meet the needs of Home Healthcare Companies and facilities employing HHAs or CNAs

  • STARR comes with a complete set of In-Service modules complying with accreditation and industry standards.
  • The STARR portal also allows employers to upload their own media files and create their own custom In-Services complete with test questions.
  • Utilize the STARR Portal for company-wide training. Not just Aide Training. You can train all office staff (scheduler, HR, nurses, marketers, etc.) on company policies and procedures.
  • The STARR Portal’s revision management tool allows you to customized each In-Service module to suit your business needs (e.g., pass/fail criteria, number of credit hours, allocation of modules by aide type, etc.).
  • On-Line training is available on Smart phones, tablets or computers.
  • The STARR Portal has built in quality monitory of In-Service training delivery quality stats are collected and reported to monitor for confusing/poorly worded training material or test questions.
  • In-Services can be prioritized and date limited to control the delivery to your employees
  • Employee monitoring and warning tools are built into the portal to easily motivate employees to take the required training.
  • Employees can provide feedback during training for efficient communications between employee and nursing management.

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