STARR Overview

Improved Training, Communication and Feedback Reduces Risk in the Home Care Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how fragile our senior population is to viruses and infection. This unforeseen catastrophe has forced all sectors of the health care industry to reexamine their training protocols. As many families turn to home care as an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, home care companies are under more pressure to deliver safe, quality care. It is imperative that home care agencies provide superior training to their employees and have risk reduction programs in place.

Employee Support Services, LLC has developed the STARR Portal to support home care companies and made the In-Service training a free resource to benefit all home health aides. STARR is an acronym for Support, Training and Risk Reduction. In addition to providing In-Service training for Home Health Aides, STARR provides many other support and risk reduction tools for home care companies. STARR is a free service for Home Health aides and a paid service for Home Care companies. Home Care companies can deliver On-Line In-service training at a substantial savings compared to other comparable services. STARR also provides a central repository where Home Health aides can store their Certificates Of Completion.

Employers benefit from reduced risk with industry specific employee communications tools and services to reduce operational risks and by providing In-Service training to all their employees to meet annual training requirements. The STARR Portal also satisfies some special state and federal requirements involving employee training and patient communications.

Aides will benefit from having all their training Certificates of Completion in one central repository. This free service will allow aides to be current with training, which will make them more desirable hires for potential employers. Aides will benefit with improved skills and being safer by having access to online training for industry standards and protocols.


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