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Healthcare companies find that complying with Accrediting body’s training requirements are some of the hardest aspects of accreditation. It’s not enough to just make the training available. Companies find it difficult to:

  1. Motivate the aides to complete the training
    •  Aides may have had the training from other agencies and do not want to repeat the training, but the aides often cannot find their training Certificate Of Completion and are not able to get records form their prior employers.
  2.  Get the aides off the job and into the office to participate in the training.
  3. Tracking the training status for all aides
  4. Providing proof of training to the accreditation agency

Companies suffering with increasing Workers Compensation rates or threats of being dropped by their carrier will benefit by adding In-Service training. Adding a training program is one of the Insurance Carriers requirements when your risk profile increases.

Some Federal, State and Local governments require Home Healthcare companies to perform activities that are difficult to meet. STARR provides custom processing tools allowing employers to meet these requirements easily.

If your business has difficulty meeting any requirements involving any kind of employee training or communications, STARR will help solve your problem. E.g., New Jersey requires clients be notified of a companion’s name and training prior to the aide showing up for a shift. This is known as the “Companion Letter” requirement. Companies find this regulation very difficult to meet, especially when there is an employee callout. STARR makes meeting this requirement trivial.

STARR Services include Training modules that address the In-Service Training requirements of the following Accrediting bodies:

  1. Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)
  2. Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC)
  3. Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)
  4. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
  5. National Institute of Home Care Accreditation (NIHCA) 

Want an easy way to track STARR will help you meet this challenge. And that is just the start. See more benefits of membership, choose from below:

Employer Benefits: Overview

Improved Training, Communication and Feedback Reduces Risk in the Home Care Industry The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how fragile our senior population is to viruses and infection. This unforeseen catastrophe has forced all sectors of the health care industry to...

Automated Enhanced Communications for Live-In Employees

Automated Enhanced Communications for Live-In Employees Home Health Care companies usually have a difficult time monitoring Live-In aide’s work hours. U.S. Department of Labor regulations make it necessary to know if your Live-In aides were able to get 5 hours of...

Integration with your current HR Employee Management Tool

Integration with your current HR Employee Management Tool STARR integrates with your current Employee/HR database tool thru an intuitive upload process. Download employee list into Excel from your current HR tool Upload list into STARR. New, terminated or changed...

Educational Compliance

Educational Compliance Home Healthcare Accreditation Agencies require employers provide Home Health Aides with 2 hours of In-Service training every year. STARR simplifies this process through on-line training, in-depth tracking of compliance and tools to manage...

Simplified New-Hire On-Boarding Process

Simplified New-Hire On-Boarding Process The STARR Portal allows the employers to create In-Services by uploading their own media and create questions. The On-boarding Process is simplified by uploading orientation documents and treating them like all other In-Service...

Reduce the costs of your workers compensation insurance

Take steps to reduce the costs of your workers compensation insurance When your company has workers compensation claims, the indirect cost associated with each claim to the company is between 1.1 to 4.5 times the direct costs of the claim. Many organizations feel...

Employee Surveys

  STARR provides an Employee Anonymous Survey feature where you can improve employee engagement, measure job satisfaction, get feedback on benefits, or do performance evaluations. If you want to retain the best talent possible, employee surveys can play a big...

Online In-Service Training

In-Service Online Training Home Healthcare Accreditation requires employers to ensure Home Health Aides have 12 hours of In-Service training every year. The STARR  Portal simplifies this process. Tracking training compliance and motivating aides is challenging. STARR...

Document Delivery

Document Delivery, Verification and Tracking Government agencies and legal counsel often require Prompt delivery of Certain Documents (E.g., 401K Safe Harbor, New Paid Sick Leave legislation notice, employee Hand Book with policy updates). Delivery via US Mail can be...